Member Spotlight - Get to know our members

Glenda Wagner

My name is Glenda Wagner.  My husband and I were fortunate enough to be able to retire in 2003.  I worked as a bookkeeper for 37 years.  Since I quit working I’ve shared that talent with the organizations I belong to.  I was treasurer for our motorcycle group and currently am the financial secretary for our church.  I’m also the one you’ll see running around taking pictures when we have some sort of function at the church.  My contribution to the camera club is recording the monthly scores online, keeping track of everyone’s year to date points and acting as our treasurer.  When Mary Carter invited me to come to one of the meetings in 2011 I was excited because I enjoyed taking pictures and had been told that I”took really good pictures”.  The first competition that I entered was portraits.  I accomplished two things that night.  I found out that I suck at portraits and I joined “club 6”.… with two of my three entries.  Over the years my photography has gotten much better.  The best thing about being part of this club is that we’re all still learning and everyone is willing to share. The competition night critiques have sometimes hurt my feelings, but I always learn something.  To date I have 48 photos that have won a total of 76 ribbons in various local contests.  About two years ago I decided that I wanted to do something different.   I wanted to create art instead of just taking pictures.  I had a camera converted to infrared and started working with that.  It’s a very different way of seeing the world around us and I’ve had a lot of fun with it.  I’ve loved the girl trips to go shooting and hope to do more.  My goal is to get better and just keep on learning.  

Patrick Hoffpauir

When I pick up a camera and point it toward a subject, I try not to think that I’m about to take a photograph – I feel that I’m about to create a work of art.
Patrick Hoffpauir - 2017

My journey into photography is just that, a journey.  When I was young I loved to draw.  I took art in high school. Using a charcoal pencil and a piece of sketch paper, I was taught to draw by seeing how light hits the subject.  

I became a draftsman, because of my love of drawing, however, being a draftsman meant making precise drawings, and I lost my artistic drawing skills. 

Years later I ventured into photography by purchasing my first 35mm SLR, (that’s a film camera for all you young people).  I eventually came to my senses and bought a Nikon N8008.  I always dreamt of owning a Nikon and I finally had one! I later entered the digital camera world with a Nikon D70, WOW! 

For years I enjoyed taking pictures of my 2 kids and learned a little bit about photography along the way.  The kids grew up and it was time for me to do something more. Thus, I joined the Beaumont Camera Club about 3 years ago.  My first year was a huge learning experience.  I listened to all my fellow photographers and by the end of my second year I won Novice Photography of the Year. That was a huge honor for me.

I wanted to learn more so I attended a couple of seminars, Scott Kelby and also Joel Grimes. One of the first things Joel said was, “We have to stop thinking of ourselves as photographers and start thinking like artists.”  After this statement I started to rethink my journey in photography.  Joel continued to say that the most important thing about photography is to see how light hits your subject.  At that moment my journey had made a complete circle and the artist had returned.

I have enjoyed learning more about photography and sharing my passion with new friends and fellow members.

Patrick is on the Board of Directors for the Beaumont Camera Club and is the GSCCC Representative for the BCC.  To enjoy more of his photos visit:

Roger Crutcher

2017 The Beaumont Camera Club kicks off our Member Spotlight with the focus on Roger Crutcher!  

Roger has been a member of the BCC for 4 years. He is a self-taught photographer and joined the camera club to learn more about photography.  He is currently the vice president of the club and was on the board of directors for 2 years. 

Roger was born in Buna Texas and raised here in Beaumont, the youngest son in a family of 9 boys and 3 girls! He is Semi-retired, and along with his wife they own an auto repair shop in town. Roger’s interest in photography started in high school with his best friend who had a darkroom where they would develop their own black & white photos and experiment with different methods of enlarging images using the film cameras in the 70’s & 80’s, which was the Canon AE1. 

But he really enjoyed photography even more since 2008 when he began using digital photography. Roger now uses a Nikon D600 full frame camera, and his favorite type of photography is nature, specifically any variety of wildlife and landscape.  He shoots birds with his newest 150-600mm lens.  He used a manual focus lens for many years.  

While talking with Roger about photography he shared some tips:  Go out and shoot what you like. Make photography your own and remember the rules are guidelines to help you but not restrict you. Have fun and make it fun because if it isn’t, you won’t stick with it.

Roger shoots for his own enjoyment and likes to share his photos with others.  He enjoys his RV to get out in nature and away from crowds where he meets nice people from all over the country with similar interests who like to talk about their shared hobby.  

A final thought about Roger, something he said while talking about his photography travels: “I never meet a stranger. You never know when you will meet you next best friend”.